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Meet our team

JD Bramham


Our on-hand landscaper plus all round super duper assistant handyman. 

JD is a qualified Landscape Designer and Property Broker. In his spare time he is a passionate pastry baker - an essential addition when it comes to designing or building anything!

His skills, charm and ability to talk to anyone, anytime and about anything adds a certain deliciousness to our team. We are confident that you will adore him as much as we do.


Landscape Designer 

Civil & Architectural Draftsman

Property Broker (UrbanLink)

Wern Volschenk


Our awesome co-Director and lead craftsman. When you need anything refurbished or repaired, Wern is the man we call on.

A building giant in skill and stature, he insists that every detail be not just visually perfect, but also perfectly functional and properly done. The one to always remind us to "measure twice, cut once". He often bellows with laughter and is quick to share banter with pretty much everyone. 

With Wern on site, we can all rest assured that your renovations will get done both timorously and superbly.


Electrical Engineer

Franchise Director / Property Broker 

(UrbanLink Northcliff)

Jane Kirby


Our other awesome co-Director and lead interior design consultant. The CEO of Corp Com, Jane consults with us in her spare time. 

Whenever we need to solidify the aesthetics of any design, Jane is our go to gal. With her work-through-the-night-if-neccessary work ethic, all our projects are completed on time and looking divine. 

R&R time for Jane usually always involves re-upholstering a piece of furniture, re-decorating an interior,  or at least re-arranging yet another room. Inner Space was born and continues to evolve thanks, in huge part, to Jane's passion and ability to revive and make any interior space sing. 


Furnishings & Interior Designer 

CEO & Founder (Corp Com)

We all know that "team work makes the dream work" and we, for sure, know that alone we cannot always do everything that certain (larger) projects require. When we need help we call in the services and assistance of people we know and trust to help us produce excellent work, every time.

Meet our consultants

Architect / Dr Justin Snell

When it comes to new Architectural builds, we call on the outstanding skills of Architect extraordinaire Justin Snell. Dr Snell has won several national and international awards, plus (luckily for us and you) he happens to be a close and long standing friend.

Plummer / Kevin Bertrum

When we need pluming help we call on Kevin Bertrum. The owner of his own plumbing business for over 30 years, Kevin can stop any leak, turn any tap and unblock any drain.

Electricians / LPED Electrical

When it comes to speedy and professional electrical repairs it's LPED Electrical we trust. If you ever need an excellent electrician and or an Electrical Certificate of Compliance, we recommend their service.

Dr Justin Snell


Architect & Urban Designer

Postdoctotal Fellow (AWMellon)

Design Director (Louis Karol)

Kevin Bertram


Licensed Plumber

Director (Kevin Bertram Plumbing)

LPED Electrical